Peanut Butter Cheesecake

Hello everybody,

Last night I had some friends over for dinner and thought it would be great to have a nice dessert on the menu.
As I know my guests are huge peanut butter fans, I had a look at my cookbooks and came across to one of the recipes I was dying to try but never had the opportunity to do so.
So I rolled up my sleeves and start to work on it.

This recipe is from The "Home Sweet Home" book by The Hummingbird Bakery and is delicious and very easy to do.

For this recipe, you will need:

Biscuit Base:

  • 200g Nutty chocolate chip biscuits
  • 75g Unsalted butter, melted
For The cheesecake topping:
  • 400g full-fat cream cheese
  • 150g caster sugar
  • 4 large egg yolks
  • 6 leaves of gelatine (I have used a vegetarian one)
  • 150g Crunchy peanut butter
  • 250ml Double Cream
  • Spring-form cake tin 23cm diameter

  1. With the aid of a food processor, blitz your biscuits into rough crumbs and add your melted butter until all your crumbs are coated in butter. Press your mixture into the base of your cake tin and leave in the fridge to set for around 30 minutes.
  2. With a mixer, beat your cream cheese, caster sugar, and egg yolks together until you have a smooth texture.
  3. In a separate bowl, soak the gelatine in water.
  4. In a small pan, melt your peanut butter over a gentle heat.
  5. Remove your gelatine leaves from the water and squeeze them to get rid of the water. Dissolve the gelatine with the melted peanut butter and add your cream cheese mixture, stirring until the texture is smooth and even.
  6. Using another bowl, whip you double cream and then fold it into the peanut butter cream cheese mixture.
  7. After your cheesecake mixture is ready, pour it onto the biscuit base and leave it to set in the fridge for a minimum of 4 hours so this will set properly.
The original recipe next steps show you how to do a peanut brittle but as I didn't want that my guests break any teeth (we never know... I could do this wrong!) 
I have opted to crunch some unsalted roasted peanuts, sprinkle them on the top of my cheesecake and drizzled maple syrup to decorate.

I definitely recommend you to try this cheesecake and for those how haven't discovered The Hummingbird Bakery yet you should have a look at their cookbooks as soon as possible.


Rita said…
I was one of the lucky guests to try this amazing dessert, and I can't stop dreaming about it! I am a true lover of peanut butter and this recipe is absolutely brilliant, especially now that Fall has arrived it felt so comfy. Definitely would recommend anyone trying this.
Telma Bernardes said…
I am so happy you have enjoyed it Rita!!!

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